8 ways to end the year.

1. Finish one thing on your list.

2. Say “thank you” to two people.

3. Pick three words to give you focus for the next year.

4. Check four books out of the library that you will read in the next four weeks.

5. Take five minutes to write to a friend.

6. Buy or look at or touch six flowers.

7. Exercise in whatever way you can for seven minutes.

8. Spend eight minutes identifying what you did well in the last year: what you are proud of, what did get done, what you wish you could do more of, what conversation turned you around, what post made sense, what way you helped someone.

Minimum cost. Moderate time. Maximum impact.

Oh. And thanks for being part of my year. Your comments and counsel and challenges have helped me grow.



7 responses to “8 ways to end the year.

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  2. Good stuff – all of it.

    Ever thought of adding a “share this” widget? If it’s here, I can’t find it very easily.

  3. i use wordpress.com. Which I love. but it hard to use widgets. I’ll check.

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  5. Very nice way to end the year. Thank you for sharing.

  6. thank you, sir. And perhaps this next year, we will meet face to face.

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