making video without a camera

So. Is this a post about making videos or a post about how to make choices?


The sermon this Sunday is on the gift of time (My boss and friend is talking about four gifts for Christmas.) In some brainstorming a few weeks ago, I had a great idea for a video to illustrate the theme, looking at the 168 hours we have every week. I was going to start with closeups of a crammed one-week schedule. The appointments wouldn’t be just “meeting with the boss.” They would include “got mad at the kids. I was late but blamed them.”

I was going to slowly pan to a family photo, to a picture of a Bible, back to the schedule. And then somehow was going to show a clean schedule with a renewed commitment to get it right.

I love the video as it plays in my head. Unfortunately, there is no way to export it from my head to video without actually shooting it.

I’ve been working on it, in my head, for a couple weeks. Yesterday it was time to get it onto disk and it wasn’t working. I created a calendar page for just a day, not even a week. I stared at it. And then wondered if I could just capture a calendar on the screen.


I found free software ( which allowed me to create AVI video files from what was on the screen. As I typed changes into the schedule, I could record them. I took these video files, pulled them into Windows Movie Maker and had my video.

It needed music, of course, so I went where I always go: Kevin MacLeod writes fabulous production music.

Then I tested it on our sanctuary screen. It didn’t fit. I had shot too close to the edges. I needed a black mask around the edges of the image. And I’m using Movie Maker which isn’t fancy. So I found that bluemoody had figured it out.

A movie about making choices about time, done with free software and no camera. It’s not perfect, but it’s done.


4 responses to “making video without a camera

  1. Loved it! Great concept and wonderful payoff at the end. Well done.

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