dim lights are sometimes helpful

We live about twelve miles from where I work.  Half the trip is on two-lane roads. I drive between fields, through woods, past houses. I don’t pass many cars. I like the drive.

rusty car with headlightThe other night, however, the timing was right for traffic. I met several cars, more than usual.  Several times, the other drivers were using their high beams to see the road. And several times, I had to remind them that they were using their high beams.

At the very least, the bright lights were a visual annoyance. At worst, the distraction was dangerous, perhaps deadly.

I thought about the courtesy involved in dimming your lights. It allows people to share the road. It acknowledges that I may have good reason for going where you are coming from. It means that you may have to slow down a bit because you can’t see as far. It means that you see me.

I thought about conversations I have in passing with other people. There are times that they (or I) walk though the interaction with bright lights. We overwhelm conversation. We blind the other person, ignoring where they are going, not registering their existence.

Sometimes they blink at us, and we realize what’s happening. Sometimes, we are so focused on the road ahead that we don’t notice the people we are meeting.

In the next few days, you’ll see lots of people. Or rather, you will pass them. At least part of the time, dim your lights.

Share the road.

4 responses to “dim lights are sometimes helpful

  1. Oh, Jon. Reading this was a delicious experience. Much of the time your writing is simply yummy.

    Remembering what you have written and putting it into practice will enhance my enjoyment of the time with my family this coming week. Thank you again and again!

  2. Awesome analogy. Divinely genius, right there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. don’t you sometimes wonder what it’s like for people who are not thinking all the time…people who don’t translate everyday things into an illustration or a blog post…sometimes i think that might be nice…

    today i think it’s good you went with that one…thanks for sharing.

    but does this mean when we’re together for Christmas we’re going to just sit there and look at each other??? love you.