Help Glenda feed 100 people in Vancouver

Glenda Watson Hyatt wants to fix Christmas dinner for 100 people in her town. She lives in Vancouver. There are more than 100 people who need a meal.

She has a problem. She doesn’t have room for 100 people. In fact, where she and Darrell live, with their wheelchairs, there isn’t close to room for 100 people.

But this isn’t a wheelchair post. Glenda would slap me. Not physically, mind you, but with her heart, reminding me that she’s not look for sympathy.

What she is looking for is leverage. Leverage is about taking what you have and using it to accomplish more.

Glenda knows that the best way for her to serve meals in Vancouver is to  help the Union Gospel Mission.  They do it all the time. They understand where people are, how they can be helped. They have a reputation for helping (and they have a well-crafted website that answers the questions we would ask).

To work through them, she needs to send a check for 329.00 to the Union Gospel Mission. That amount will feed 100 people.

But Glenda doesn’t have that money. What she does have is her words, tapped out a letter at a time with her left thumb. And she has friends. She asked her friends to identify the best of her writing from 2009. They did. She created an ebook.

Now she has a ebook and she has the handful of friends who recommended posts (she profiled them in her book).

There is still a gap.

She needs us to buy the book for $6.50 USD. For every book she will send $3.29.

I did last night. It’s a good book. Her friends picked the right posts. I would list them, but that’s not the point. You could read her blog, but that’s not the point.

You could buy her book, learn from Glenda, and help her feed 100 people in Vancouver.

That’s the point.


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