00.04.10 Something to look forward to

It’s Month 0 of 2010.  It’s the end of the first week, and maybe you are already feeling behind. You are feeling the crunch of the end of 2009. You wanted to start 2010 but didn’t get to it.


That’s the point of Month 0. You have a month to try out ideas and goals and thinking and resolutions before they really start.

Today’s advantage for starting 2010 in December is simple: You have something to look forward to after the holiday break. Any work that you can start now gives you something to return to after you take a break with friends and family.

Outlines of articles. First drafts of ideas. Even beginnings of exercise plans and a set of blank slides and title for the presentation you are doing in January. Anything you can start puts you ahead when late December shows up and you are trying to figure out where you were.

Month 0. An idea whose time has not yet come (and that’s the good part).

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