00.01.10 Something to talk about

Some of us are looking at December as Month 0 of 2010. We’re working already working on next year, treating this month as a space for planning and thinking and practicing.

I’ll write about this idea occasionally here. Today I want to mention a huge advantage of this concept for holiday parties.

Because I’m no good at small talk, I often feel lost at parties and get-togethers. However, when I am working on a project, they become research opportunities. I can ask what people know about exercise. I can listen to how often normal people do…or don’t…talk about twitter. I can try out metaphors, listen for heartbreaks, learn about language.

If you start your work on 2010 now, identifying your goals, questions, three words, resolutions, or projects, by the time the parties start, you’ll be ready to think future rather than review past.

Happy month 0. Let me know how it’s going.

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