0.01.10 Experiment

Are you looking for a place to try new skills, to test new ideas? I’ve got a great place: December.

Look at December as part of 2010 ( month 0 if you will). Identify the new thing you are wanting to do starting January 1. Start doing it December 1. By the time you get to January 1, you will have discovered bugs, weaknesses, challenges, tricks, opportunties.

This works for personal goals (be nice, walk a mile a day). Will it work for business? You tell me.


9 responses to “0.01.10 Experiment

  1. Wonderful idea. Starting now!

    After I finish writing this, going to “unplug” and go for a walk, clear my head and write all day!

    Gotta get this stuff finished!

  2. Yep – that’s our plan. Doing two sites that I want to get just right for various reasons and setting up a project that will run next year too, so I couldn’t agree more. I’m still going to commit as much as I can. I look forward to seeing everyone else’s month 0’s.

  3. Karen – I hope your walk went well. I love that you are talking perspective and then productivity.

  4. Kai – thanks for the business perspective.

  5. Excellent! This is exactly what I was thinking of yesterday – This is the year for thinking, planning, and working ahead. I’m going for it. Thanks for the push

  6. I love this, Jon. I feel like way too many get to January 1st and only THEN sit down to decide what they want to do with the new year. They probably waste the majority of January – one-twelth of the year – “figuring it out.”

    Make your goals early, figure them out, then hit the ground running come 01/01/10.


  7. Chuckling, Barbara, about giving a person on a boat a push. But glad to help.

  8. Annie, if by ‘most people’ you mean me, you are right.

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