How many posts are in _your_ head?

foggy driveI’m supposed to be writing a post on learning. More accurately, I’m supposed to be writing a post to learn. In the process of writing, I often discover what I am thinking.

Unfortunately, there are too many posts in my head to be able to focus. Here are some of them.

1. Has anyone ever used M&Ms as a way to illustrate why large pictures are too big to send through dial-up connections? (“Pictures are made up of lots of dots, like M&Ms. When you try to pour a million M&Ms through a vacuum cleaner tube, it takes a long time. If you use a fire hose, they are faster. If you are using a storm sewer pipe, the M&Ms would travel almost instantly.”)

2. What if a church used a .mobi and put just the church schedule on it? That way, people with smart phones could find out what time the event was starting, or what room they were supposed to be in.

3. What if you wrote a post that was a conversation with your daughter, describing why she may not need a smart phone, giving her the opportunity to explain why it would be of value, and inviting readers to help sort out the two sides? Would that work?

4. There are a couple cool posts at, pointing back to a couple posts I’ve written here. The comments on “It’s not just about attendance” (which is a post about my post “you gotta practice to sing in the choir“) are particularly delightful as real choir people talk about the community that forms around choirs. I’d love to write about how posts can resonate with unexpected audiences.

5. I need to make a list of all the video and photo projects I am working on, but there wouldn’t be time. However, it could be a useful primer on how saying no is a good thing.

6. Some friends in different industries are thinking about social media. I know that there are millions of “how to” posts, and hundreds of¬† “why to” posts, but I’m thinking about a couple, “knowing what I know about you, I think you need to think about trying these two things. In particular, because this part of your audience isn’t on twitter, don’ worry about it now, but expand what you are doing in ___ and ____ and ___” posts.

7. My three words for the year were singing, focus, and deliberate practice. With a month left in the year, it is time to see how I’m doing.

8. One piece of my past caught up with me in a delightful and humbling way today. There are elements of relationship that I need to think through as a result. How and why do our relationships from long ago connect to those now?

See why I have a hard time getting one simple post done?

Give me some time and you may see some of these show up here or other places. In the meantime, thanks for listening. And, as always, feel free to offer suggestions.


14 responses to “How many posts are in _your_ head?

  1. Item #2 is a winner. There are plenty of ways to make that happen. Now the only thing, as you addressed in your piece is are those in the congregation all equipped with smart phones to make use of the .mobi tool? There are also other ways of pushing schedules and such content to niche groups.

  2. Paul (above) is right about #2.

    In a related thought, I keep telling our Salvation Army that they should also have people baking in the kitchen in off hours and tweeting out when the baked goods are hot out of the oven. It’d be a great way to get a little extra income into their clients pockets and build self-confidence and self-sufficiency. The food out of our local soup kitchen is fantastic, and people would really want to watch for such tweets. Imagine receiving seeing a tweet on your Blackberry at 7:30 a.m. like “Carla’s wild blueberry muffins, $9/doz. – get while still warm!”

  3. Point 3.We are in the debate with my 10 year old daughter over her desire for a mobile. All or most of her friends have them being the key argument on her part. To my daughter’s credit, she is not doing tantrums about it and for now it is a polite answer no. I was thinking to cut her some slack as she’s handling the request in a good way & be tweet it to get some parents views. I also have been asking myself to what extent I’m judging the world from my perspective from when I was younger vs hers in the world that is. So my learning is I have to learn first myself again, then I’m best placed to pass on best advice vs just my judgement.

  4. Paul – in this case, I was thinking more pull than push. What triggered my thinking was wanting this schedule information for another organization and realizing how buried it was for a smart phone.

    But we need to think about the push part of this as well. So it’s gotta turn into a post.

  5. Bobbie – There is a twitter technology designed to do the tweeting part for bakers. What I love is the whole other end of this model. It is fabulous, making use of space that otherwise has down times. Thank you.

  6. Mark – tune in soon. I’ll do that point with our 18-yr old. As far as getting the phone in the first place, our line was when our kids started driving, they got a phone. But I understand the shifting times point very well.

  7. In answer to your question, at least 8.

    My mind for some reason is trying to draft all of December’s posts at once. I’m going to have to sit down and doodle them out, then write the ones that need to be written, or my head will burst.

    Thanks for joining in Jon, I love the insight into the way your mind works!

  8. Jon –
    For the pull I’d recommend for a mobile accessible website. It’s free to set up and easy to use.

    For the push, is the way to go. You can provide Text, youtube, flickr, url’s, and maps all in a readable format to a cell phone. I’ve had several winksites for 6 years and I’ve been using for over a year now. The company founder is a friend of mine. Let me know if you would like any assistance in setting up sites or more info.

  9. Joanna this was not the post I wanted to write for the project. I wanted to write about the ways I cannot think without writing. But I dodn’t get there. But I am glad for the project.

  10. Numbers 3 and 6 get my vote.

    Number 3 – I would enjoy seeing how that concept would look.

    Number 6 – I like info in smaller chunks.

  11. Chris Brogan linked to you from his blog post this morning – I’m glad he did. I love this post and it resonates with me. I am swarmed by ideas, things to do, things to write, things for others to do etc. I was reflecting on how limiting all these thoughts can be on my actions and wrote this article which I think you will find relevant and possibly helpful. In any event, I’ve rationalized in my own mind that the things in our head – like all your unwritten blog posts – are their because of ONLY 2 reasons – fear of confidence and they do or do not get acted upon because of those 2 emotional states.

    Anyhow, I found your list of ‘to be written’ concepts very interesting. I love the visual of the M&M’s but question whether or not that’s a ‘needed’ article since high speed internet is so common nowadays.

    Anyway, interesting read. Thanks and keep writing!

    Justin McCullough
    Life is good!

  12. thanks for stopping by Justin. The reason the M&M visual is necessary is !) because my parents and my in-laws are still on dial-up and pictures are an issue. I need a clear image for explaining and 2) with cameras shooting 6M+ pictures, many people still need to understand compressing photos.

  13. So, what do you do with the posts in your head when you don’t have time or are not in a place to even jot down their skeletons so you can get back to them? I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve “lost” this fall, since my regular first-thing-in-the-morning writing time has been pre-empted by other responsibilities.