Susan Murphy on making excellent video

jon shooting videoI suppose we are supposed to start everything positive we say these days with disclaimers.

  • Susan Murphy let me look at a free early edition of her free ebook.
  • Susan Murphy has encouraged my video production
  • Susan Murphy has given me Tim Hortons coffee.
  • Susan and Greg at lunch with Nancy and I once.

So now you know that my thinking could be colored by friendship. But I still love the new ebook that Susan just published. Creating video for the web is available today. This ebook takes an approach to video that is for people who know how to record video and now want to tell stories with moving images.

Susan’s starting point is with the story. (This comes from her years of experience in media, from shooting to advertising). Before shooting, she says, think about the story, about what you are wanting people to know and experience and understand. Think it through, talk it through, sketch it out. (She reinforces the importance of preproduction by illustrating this page with pencils.)

She moves to the production process, identifying the basic tools. Her basic video kit, which includes duct tape, grows from actually working (rather than some textbook).

In the post-production process, Susan acknowledges the power of Windows Movie Maker (as well as editing products actually costing money). As a MovieMaker user (who has also used AVID PC-based editing software), I know how much can be done with this software IF you start with the story rather than the features.

Throughout the book, Susan is relaxed, factual, and helpful. It could be because she teaches production.

I have done several video projects and know basics of production. What this ebook does for me is challenges me to move to a new level of caring how well I do.

Download it for yourself: Creating video for the web


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  1. LOL! I found myself adding a disclaimer to a tweet today about a product I love.