If someone sent you a blank notebook, what would you do with it?

  • Would you write a diary?
  • Would you write a presentation?
  • Would you tear out the pages and have a group of people write one-page diaries?
  • Would you hand it to your most thoughtful friend and say, “What advice can you give me for life?”
  • Would you make small posters saying  “think about what is next.” and hang them with gum on mirrors?
  • Would you give it to your daughter with a crayon and refrigerator magnet?
  • Would you put it on your desk with all the other blank paper?

If someone sent you 5 blank CDs to use and pass on what would you do?

  • Would you make five copies or five originals?
  • Would you tell stories?
  • Would you create a mix of your favorite music?
  • Would you create a mix of their favorite music?
  • Would you save the best writing you’ve done?
  • Would you read a favorite book?
  • Would you create a record or a tool?
  • Would you document your life or their life or your life together?

What if someone sent you a day?

  • Would you thank them?
  • Would you curse them?
  • Would laugh or make someone else laugh.
  • Would you spend it or invest it?
  • Would you read or write or sing or listen?
  • Would you run or sit?
  • Would you critique or create?

What if someone sent you five minutes?



2 responses to “blank

  1. I had to laugh at this post–I wouldn’t even consider doing anything with a CD, being the non-techy person I am. But a blank notebook…quite another matter! I confess…I’m not very good at redeeming 5 minute segments of life.

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