I use dial2do

I admit it. I like to check my email often.

I admit it. I have a dumb phone (a phone which won’t allow me to check my email online.)

So I use dial2do.

What it lets me do is listen to my emails. I dial the access number, say “listen to email” and it reads me the messages. I say “next” adn it moves one. I say “options” and I can reply or replay or listen to the previous message.

I can also send myself emails as reminders and dictation.There is a limit to how much can go in each message, but I have dictated chunks of posts, to do lists, and other items. The transcription is fairly accurate and there is a link to the message itself if it isn’t right (or if you mumble).

I know that it can text, because I’ve tried it. However, I prefer to do that myself. Same with tweeting.

It was simple to set up. It is free. Apparently it has lots of features. You can look for yourself.

Because it is all done by speech, I don’t know how it works with accented English or speech synthesis. It is challenged in noisy situations, though there are functions that can be done by number key on the phone.

I just know that it works well for me for what I use it for. Which is listening to email and sending myself notes.


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