in which I confess to thinking a lot.

It must be the baseball post-season. There are two series running. Not just AL and NL. One’s on teaching, the other on marketing.

Both are here on Levite. I realized I better tell you I know what happened.

Last week, I called on myself to stop coasting. In particular, I talked about expanding what I know of  teaching and learning.

On Sunday afternoon, I invited us to think about teaching someone something. It was an attempt to start acting on what I said.

I decided to teach us all something about getting people to show up, come to events or courses or service opportunities. That grows out of the number of requests I get for help in letting people know about events at church. (I two more requests today).

I also started writing about how to teach, starting with identifying outcomes. Teaching is something I know. And again, I have a bunch of people at church who I want to help (and some people not at church)

You see what I’ve done? I’ve started two series of posts. One is about teaching. The other is about marketing. To make things even more confusing, I’m talking about teaching in its broadest sense, including teaching a friend about PEZ. And, when I’m talking about marketing, I’m including how to get people interested in the special event you are planning inside your small non-profit organization.

I’m working to figure out how to plan these series so they are woven like a rope rather than tangled like a post-cat ball of yarn. I’ll keep you posted on how that’s working.

And, just to confuse things more, I’ve got more posts in my 5 questions series.

All this and one of my three words for the year was FOCUS. I’m pretty sure that I’m focusing on helping people learn. But that’s a bit too broad. I’ll see what I can do.

Oh yes. And I created a video in absentia for the Inbound Marketing Summit. It’s not actually to show there. It was just inspired by the thought of Jesus as a marketer who build relationships that allowed people to opt-in.

I’ll settle down. I may take a couple days to do it. I may even watch some baseball.

Thanks for sticking around and being encouraging.


4 responses to “in which I confess to thinking a lot.

  1. I like listening to you thinking out loud. It’s part of what a blog is for. No worries 🙂

  2. Just Brilliant Jon. Thank You.

  3. LOVE the video! Great analogies and applications.

  4. Joanna, Ed, and Paul

    Thanks for being cheerleaders for me. I am grateful.