Where did you think Milton and Bradley found them?

game farm signI’ve known that Wisconsin raised a lot of milk cows. I’ve driven past corn fields and bean fields. Once, a field near my grandparents was full of sunflowers. There are a lot of fish hatcheries and tree farms and blueberry patches.

It’s nice to know that Wisconsin’s farmers are branching out, adding new crops. Just in time for staycations and family fun nights.

(I wish we could have seen how they can tell when the dice are ripe. It must be awful when they are picked early and come up all fours.)


4 responses to “Where did you think Milton and Bradley found them?

  1. Wow…that’s all I can say really. It was normal person funny until I read the last line about the dice.

    Natalie had to do a project for Art (which she hates) where you had to find to pictures that have a meaning (like for this one if you’d put a picture of a game and a picture of a farm)…she was really struggling with it…and I started looking at magazines and found about 10 of them, right off. She said, “Mom, you’re so creative” I said “No dear, this is the weirdness like our family’s sense of humor” she said something along the lines of…”oh yeah, that’s what it is.” sigh.

  2. the problem is that it rubs off. Nancy and I were out walking. I lloked at the sign and started laughing. She started laughing too. No explanation was necessary.

  3. Love it!!

    Perfect for this rainy Monday morning.

  4. Wow, I am really slow. Took me a few reads to get it.