there and back again

jon and nancy swansonA retreat.

That’s where Nancy and I were for the past few days.

We left Fort Wayne on Sunday afternoon, drove to a large house (like a bed and breakfast) near Milwaukee where we met five other couples. Four are pastors and spouses. The other couple, our hosts, were a retired university prof and wife.

The purpose of the place, Cedarly, is to give people who are in pastoral ministry a place to spend a week being served and being quiet.

We had our own rooms. We had one big common meal together each day. That was the one required thing. We ended up eating the lighter meals together too. We all disconnected from phones, Internet, daily media. We each did a lot of reading and talking with our spouses and talking with each other and praying and walking and not worrying about the next thing.

I’ll be writing more that comes out of that time during the next few weeks. Here are some first notes.

  • I read one book all the way through and began writing a review that is up to 3000 words.  I never stop that long to work on one thing.
  • On Friday morning I discovered that I am the one that interrupts myself more than anyone else. (including while writing this post)
  • I really like talking with Nancy.
  • Nothing fell apart because I wasn’t around. But a couple things have been clarified because I wasn’t around.
  • I can eat several foods I usually don’t eat and not get sick.
  • Lots of pastors have really difficult situations and it isn’t their fault.
  • I can survive online and can choose to not go back online for almost 12 hours after coming home. (That I slept for several of those hours is irrelevant).

So I’m back. Sort of. I’ll keep you posted.


3 responses to “there and back again

  1. Welcome Back Pastor!
    I liked reading your 7 bulleted notes because once again, just when I’m feeling like I don’t get it, your post shows up and then I get it! Get what? I don’t know but your writings always make me feel like I might get it eventually. Like your allowing us to peek over your shoulder and watch while you try and get it.

    Sorry if I’m not making any sense but it’s probably because I’m still getting it.

    Glad your back and glad you got refreshed.

  2. I hate being so shallow, but I feel that I must mention this: Nancy is beautiful. LOL That’s all.

  3. I don’t think that’s shallow. I agree completely.