Going back to the next sentence

It’s been almost a year since I registered thenextsentence.com.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. The domain grew out of a series of posts that I wrote describing the the importance of thinking about the next sentence. That’s the one that comes after the really cool post, the really amazing video, the really powerful story.

this life for rentI mean, you have the audience in the palm of your hand. You write a book that everyone talks about. You have a post that everyone is talking about.

And then, in the silence, you say ____.

You have raised two kids, at least the part that happens when you see them every day and you hug them every night and you can touch them. They are successfully living in their new worlds, not ignoring you or disparaging you, far from it. But the place they clearly belong is the place away.

And now, in the silence, you say ____.

You finished reading two books about next steps (Trust Agents and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years). Both of them say, in essence, get of the sofa and do it. You know they are right. Before you move, you tell people that both of those links are to your store.

And now, in the silence, you say ____.

You are sitting in the middle of a long weekend. You are looking at this post, at this screen because that is what you do when you are filling the time in between. I mean, you do great stuff sitting here, but you also avoid great stuff here. Everything that has come up to this point is the introduction, the prologue, the first chapter, the first volume, the first episode.

And now, in the silence, you say ____.


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