Have a little confidence

mole killerAs I was driving to pick up Hope today, I saw a sign. It said “mole killer.” I know, it probably meant that they were selling the stuff that would stop moles from eating your yard, but I thought “There aren’t many lions in northern Indiana. We don’t need lion killers. We don’t need category killers. We don’t need the builders of skyscrapers and cities and megamalls. Sometimes what we most need is someone who knows something about solving the problems we face as real people. Sometimes we need mole killers.

That kind of basic life expertise is why I’m working on a new project for Levite. I’ll tell you more about it next week. For right now, it’s enough to know that it involves asking people questions. People I know. People I respect.

I keep hearing things like, “I’m not sure anyone will find this interesting.”  “I’m not sure this is as good as…” “You should ask someone else.”

I’m getting a little ticked.

I wouldn’t ask you if you didn’t matter. I wouldn’t ask if you didn’t have some thoughts that I wanted to know about. I wouldn’t ask if you were boring.

Unless, of course, you think I lack discernment. In which case, why do you hang around here?

If what you are is a mole killer, be proud. Put it on your sign.


One response to “Have a little confidence

  1. I don’t blame you one bit for being ticked that people you admire for their opinion would express such reticence when asked to participate in your project.

    Please ask me, Jon. I have plenty to say. LOL And bone crushing self-confidence.