trust is not camouflage

I’m sitting on Nancy’s sister’s deck. I’m five feet from a hummingbird feeder. A hummingbird just started coming to the feeder. It drinks. It leaves. It comes back.

hummingbird feederI sit here as quietly as I can, glad that the screen of my laptop is blocking the movement of my fingers. I want to have the hummingbird keep coming.

It’s back.

But this isn’t trust. In fact, this is about the opposite of trust. This is about camouflage. If I disappear into the wall, into the chair in the corner, if the wind keeps blowing toward me instead of away from me, if I am as invisible as possible, the hummingbird will keep coming back.

It’s back.

When Chris Brogan and Julian Smith are talking about trust, they aren’t talking about camouflage.

Instead of celebrating camouflage, they are celebrating transparency. Instead of celebrating people that are looking like something else, they are celebrating people who are so distinctively themselves that you come to trust their consistency. You know where they stand, whether or not you agree with them.

Another one is here, this one perching on a hanging basket, looking at the landscape.

Chris and Julian have written a book called Trust Agents. As I write this, I haven’t read a word of the book. No previews, no free copies, no pdf. And they are wanting to have a big presale before it releases on August 24.

The two birds are now fighting over one feeder. There are two available, but apparently sharing is not permitted.

Though I haven’t read anything, however, I have listened to Chris and listened to Julian and watched them talk. I have conversed. I have gone from hating the title to accepting why it works.

(How’s this for trust? A couple of years ago, Chris was going to be in town for a conference. I offered a sofa. As I was heading to the airport to pick him up I thought, “I met him on the internet. I’ve never seen him. I’m bringing him home. We have a 16-year-old daughter. I must be crazy.” Everyone was fine.)

Jodie said that there were about 20 hummingbirds out here on Friday morning. They come all the time.

I hardly ever recommend that people buy stuff. I will review stuff, I will tell people why I bought something, but I hardly ever tell you to buy stuff.

Today, I’m recommending that you buy Trust Agents. And I’m recommending that you buy it by clicking on this link. Why? Because it goes to Bryan Villarin’s Amazon store. And if you buy it from him, he gets a cut. It doesn’t cost you more, but he gets a cut.

Why Bryan?

Because he gave up a couple evenings to hang out with my son in LA last month when Andrew was touring with a band. Because Bryan’s pictures from that concert gave Nancy and me pictures of our son when we hadn’t seen him for a month. Because those pictures made us smile.

And I know Bryan because Bryan met Chris Marsden who I met through Chris Brogan.

Chris has been living this book in front of my heart for the past two years. And I’m pretty sure that he and Julian have boiled that living down into something that won’t take you two years to learn.

If you buy it and don’t like it, let me know. Somehow, I’ll make it up to you. Or maybe we’ll talk about it and help you understand it from what I know about Chris (and Julian). For myself, I’m looking forward to working through it to see how it helps me be a better social media chaplain. And I’ll be talking about those lessons here.

So head over to Bryan’s store and order the book. I did yesterday.

And thanks in advance for your trust.

It’s back.


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10 responses to “trust is not camouflage

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  2. Steve Brogan

    Jon, thank you for putting your “trust” in Chris and Julien. While we don’t really know Julien yet, we have a lifetime of knowing Chris. Most of what we know is all good. And even the “bad” is not that bad, after all. We are proud of him and are pleased at all the friends he is making and has made so far. Again, thanks for your support. We know Chris thinks very highly of you and your family.

  3. thank you so much for stopping by, Steve. I wish we hadn’t ‘just missed’ seeing you last year. But soon, perhaps.

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  5. I am so inspired by how the book was completed
    two friends taking about trust
    friends working together and separately to accomplish a goal

    they trusted each other based on what the other had done and how they had done it
    how cool is that?!

  6. it is way cool. it proves the point.


  7. For the record, I didn’t “give up” those evenings. I need those experiences. Since you and Nancy do so much, I was more than happy to send you those prints!

    Thanks for linking to my store, Jon. I’ll be using the money towards buying “Trust Agents.”

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