mixed feelings

welcome to indiana signWe spent the week in northern Wisconsin, visiting my parents on land that I have visited almost every summer of my half-century. It was a good visit.

While there, I had extremely limited internet access. And when we went to town, I struggled with getting wifi to work on my computer.

As a result, for the past week I had no twitter conversations, no facebook at all, no blogging (reading or writing), intermittent email. Everything that I check hourly, I didn’t.

We’re home. I have full access again. And, as you can tell by the fact that I am posting after we have been home less  than an hour, I’m not prolonging my time away with a more intentional fast.

Part of my quick writing is because I often write to find out what I think and feel.  And I haven’t been writing this week.

But I have been living.

We stared at stars a lot. We talked. We spent time on a river and in a wildlife preserve and with family. I wrestled with the end of several stages of life and the corresponding beginnings of new stages of life.

I’ll be thinking here a lot over the new few weeks as we send a daughter to college, a son to an apartment, Nancy to an office with two bosses gone, and me to the fall. I’m glad I’m back. I’m glad I was gone.


2 responses to “mixed feelings

  1. We’re glad your back.

  2. Yes, we are. I can’t wait to hear/read about all you’re thinking.