hopeful scowl“Just click on the icon.”

“Just email the attachment.”

“Just upload the pictures.”

“Just insert picture and then resize it and set the formatting.”

“Just click on any link.”

“Just click on in reply to ___ on twitter to follow the conversation.”

“Just download it.”

“Just figure it out.”

I say “just” a lot. If I don’t say it, I think it.

But that just isn’t right. For someone who hasn’t been trained, hasn’t been taught, hasn’t been oriented, there just  isn’t a just.  So just remember that lots of people just haven’t had your experience. (Just like you haven’t had their’s)

If we forget, we are being unjust.


5 responses to “Just

  1. This is a very good reminder to me as I embark on my new teaching adventure. Thanks, Jon!

  2. This reminds me of ski teaching: So, picture that your girlfriend, boyfriend dragged you to a hill, put slippery sticks on your feet, and you’re freezing and feeling, as all beginners do, that you are about to die. Classic statement by friend is inevitably this: “Just turn….”

    Oops, relationship troubles!

  3. Funny enough I’ve been trying to edit out my “just”‘s lately. It’s not really helping my sentence structure anyway and I usually find a much better way to say what I mean 🙂

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