I write almost every day at 300wordsaday.com

I write often here.

I have used Mailchimp as a way to distribute both of those streams of writing, (in addition to the usual email and feed subscription through Feedburner.)


Because I can, with permission, subscribe for other people, people who can get email but may not know how to use RSS feeds. People who are not in the fishbowl.

Until yesterday, I was using a free account at Mailchimp. Starting yesterday, I upgraded to a paid account. What that means is that for 0-500 addresses, I can send campaigns (including the blog feed) as often as I want for $10 a month.

And that, is a steal.

Get 300wordaday.com by mailchimp email. (Caution: This one is intentionally about following Jesus.)

Get levite.wordpress.com by mailchimp email.

I should also mention that we use Mailchimp for our church enewsletter and have been very pleased with customer response, analytical tools, and ease of use. For non-profits, the price is even lower.

And if you need a fabulous email marketing tool, try Mailchimp yourself. And tell them that I sent you. Please.

(Disclosure: I have received 4 ninjachimp stickers and 3 pins. I had sent an SASE for the stickers. It got lost. I contacted @mailchimp on twitter and ended up getting the pins, too.)


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