Tomorrow is August

Look at this as a reminder that school starts soon, that fall is coming (for the northern hemisphere), that the year is 7/12 done.

Look at this as a reminder that, if it takes a month to develop a new habit, tomorrow is a great day to start doing what is wise, or to stop doing what is foolish.

Look at this as a reminder that there are seasons and cycles and new firsts.

Look at this as a reminder, not a moment for paralysis. "Oh, no! It’s already August and I haven’t…."

It’s August tomorrow. You can.


4 responses to “Tomorrow is August

  1. A little change of perspective can go a long way. Instead of feeling defeated, we can feel energized. That’s a good trade!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. It is way to easy for me to think about the last year that has slipped by instead of be encouraged by the new opportunities that come with a fresh month starting today.

  3. Great post! It inspired a similar post of my own. 🙂

    Thanks for the motivation and have a great August!

  4. tim – thanks for the focus on perspective.

    Chris – thanks for the tweet. I’m glad it’s helping.

    Crys – it’s a great post you put up. Good application.