My Monday

God bookMaybe it doesn’t matter, you seeing my schedule. But maybe it does. I’ll run through it and talk about some of the things I talk about.

  • I preached yesterday, something I do every few months. The topic, part of a series on God’s characteristics, was “God is loving.” I’ve been updating our church website and sermon podcast with links to the message. (I also DM’d the link to a friend).
  • A lady from our congregation died Friday night. I won’t be doing the funeral, but talked with the family and pastor about the bulletin and the service (What names should be listed? Do you list relationships for the sake of people who might not know everyone? I know that she was shy, but what about a picture of the dolls that she collected for the front of the bulletin? We’ll record it, don’t worry about that).
  • I’ve talked with a person who teaches at our church about a conference that’s coming up. It’s by video this year to save on travel costs. I want to have several people from our congregation attend to learn how to build relationships within groups more effectively.
  • I wrote a memo on how to refine one of learning tools. I used dark room to help me concentrate.
  • I’ve helped the funeral director move the casket into the building, talked with the person in charge of the funeral lunch tomorrow and met her son, moved some furniture and trophies.
  • I’ve talked with a couple of friends at a distance about why Paul (the apostle) was cranky and how to spell a word.
  • I looked up how much it would cost to send a package to Serbia.
  • I added StickyScreen to my browser at work as part of my focusing process.
  • I’ve used Jing to create a screen capture to put on our website where I also uploaded a video about the community carnival we do every year (and told our facebook fans about it).
  • A couple other things
  • four cups of coffee.

What is interesting to me is the mixture of communication tools and media I am using in the course of my day. I bring my social media conversations about audience into the conversation about what goes into a funeral bulletin. I bring Jing and Facebook into promotion for an intensely local carnival.

Some days my life confuses me and I think about how simple it used to be, back when I only had one conversation at a time. But the truth? I wouldn’t trade now for then. Because of you.


5 responses to “My Monday

  1. Where’s the link to “Dark Room”?

  2. it’s fixed. Thanks!

  3. “I’ve talked with a couple of friends at a distance about why Paul (the apostle) was cranky…”
    Never thought of Paul as “cranky” but very apt. Made me chuckle.

  4. About some subjects that Paul touches on, it’s the best word.

  5. Paul makes me cranky. I think his writings are some of the most often misquoted and misrepresented of the whole Bible. I know it’s not his fault, but honestly, he’s the one person in the Bible (okay, besides Adam and Eve) that I want to walk up to and say…in an irreverant tone one would not expect a lowly person like me to take with an Apostle…”What were you thinking when you wrote that and why did you not give a disclaimer like — this is ONLY for the Galatians and should not be misused in the 21st century” just wondering, Paul. sigh