talking coffee

smiling coffee cup“FYI to Brands – Trust does drive sales. 10 mins of tweets will now lead me to try McD’s coffee. Simple example, but true.” @cc_chapman

“The real point of the coffee conversation? Coffee is relational.” @jnswanson

“It unites us.  Coffee can do that. What else can we talk about and be relational? @debworks

Some friends were talking about coffee, talking about what kind to drink, talking about how they like it fixed. It was, in a sense, pointless conversation. To anyone who doesn’t like coffee–or twitter (which is where the conversation was happening), there was little of value in this conversation.

Of course, as Deb pointed out from Iowa, it is a common denominator. It is a safer topic than religion and politics and the Red Sox/Yankees/Cubs. But I think it is something more than merely a safe topic. It is a topic which relates to a ritual with warm emotional attachments for many of us (pun partially intended). Many of us delight in the process of making coffee, of drinking it as we think, read, converse. A cup of coffee, for many people, symbolizes both contemplation and community.

I know that many of us also drink coffee for the perceived energy. It keeps us awake, alert, wired. In that, it is the antithesis of reflection. But such uses, if they were all coffee represented, would not be the source of a conversational culture.

Thanks for the conversation this morning, friends. And the relationship it both reflects and extends.

4 responses to “talking coffee

  1. And thank you as well. What I love most about this is that the conversation was happening between people all over the country. Brogan was in Mexico having this conversation with us even.

    Coffee brings people together. Conversations bring people together.

    The Internet and the tools and sites on it allows anyone to do this at anytime from wherever they are. THAT is a powerful thing.

  2. The brands that offering are of world-class levels, which are in themselves are symbols of quality and great tastes.

  3. Jon,
    And any conversation with you brings a smile to my face – and we’ve never met in person! We developed a relationship on line and because someone we both trust (@beckymccray) brought us together. Because we have a common interest – coffee.
    I know that we’ve started a relationship and look forward to the avenues we travel together.
    Isn’t that just good business? Isn’t that just good living? Isn’t that a great way to start something?
    Yeah – I think so.

  4. ah, but we did meet at sobCON – briefly. But yes, the point of trust agenst is that they help build trust. and perhaps coffee is a trust agent.