what do you expect

garbage cans at ballparkYou are going to talk to some people this week who aren’t completely upbeat.

Some of them are just being cranky. They probably should be scolded.

One of them, however, just finished her first weak of chemo (an intentional typo). One of them found out he was losing his job the day he came back to work after his dad’s funeral, two days before another funeral. One of them has a world that seems to be collapsing on every front. One of them found out her grandson died suddenly. One of them is fighting depression and winning, but life feels very stretched out.

I know. We have every right to expect excellent service. After all, we’re paying for it (unless, of course, it’s free). We have every right to expect people to deliver on their promises, to be consistent, to be perfect, to deliver.

But behind the technology tools, behind the broken doors, behind the apparently carefully built brand, are people, not shiny objects or garbage cans.

We have every responsibility to expect people to be people.


4 responses to “what do you expect

  1. Jon,
    Thank you for this lovely reminder. We think it’s wrong to give people what they need. We think it’s not a good thing to offer them something that they might be wanting. It’s good for our spirit to be generous and giving. We’re meant to help each other with this task of living.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  2. ah Liz. you are a star at this.

  3. Jon

    I need your blog tonight. I opened it and the first two sentences match exactly my situation tonight on tour.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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