8 ways to look at six months

coffee cup and paperThat’s how much of the year is gone.

Six months. Seems like years. Seems like days.

I decided to give the two of us a way to evaluate these six months. I hope it helps.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or something) and sit on the deck and let’s reflect a bit.


1. I actually know more about these three people than I did 6 months ago.

________                  ________                       ________

1a. And here are three things I know about them.

2. If I add my blogs posts together, I have written this many words that wouldn’t otherwise be written: ______

3. Though I wish I’d done more, I have to admit that I’ve given this much _________ (time, money, stuff) to help other people.

4. Though it isn’t as much as I think it should be, I have talked to God _____________ times  and I stopped to listen _____________ times.

5. I’ve read about ____ (#)  topics.  ___% of them had nothing to do with my job.

6. I have told _______ and _______ how much I care about them _______ times a ________ (day/week/year).

7.  Six months ago I didn’t know how to __________ and now I do.

8.  Though the list keeps growing, I have to admit that I’ve crossed at least ______ items off my to do list every _____ (day/week/month).

Bonus: Go back and write the numbers and phrases and people that you want to be able to list on December 30.


4 responses to “8 ways to look at six months

  1. Thank you Jon, what a thoughtful tool for reflection. I love the focus on people and relationships.

    Before the last few hours of the first six months are gone, let me tell you how much I value your friendship, and your chaplaincy. I have made a dear friend in the first six months of this year, and you have no idea how many times your name has come up in conversation! Joyfully, I might add.

    It was a sign to me of how much you mean to me, and how significant our conversations have become.

  2. thank you, dear friend. Very much.

  3. This is very helpful. Allow me to re-post on Plurk, Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

    I’m glad I had a productive half-year. Can’t wait for the upcoming months of lessons to learn, new places to see, new people to bond with and new reasons to celebrate. Cheers!

  4. So very helpful!

    In making life so complex we often forget about the valuable and relevant.

    Thanks for reminding me that I do actually achieve a lot, and for giving me the clarity to do more.