like air. Or heroin.

Air keeps you alive. Heroin does, too.
When you go without both you get twitchy.
When you go without both you might die.
More accurately, when you go without air, you will die.
When you go without heroin, you want to die. For awhile.
You feel like you are dying. for awhile.
No one lives without air.
Most people live without heroin.
And the ones who don’t slowly die.


Is my twitter/facebook/email/text/rss/twitter/facebook/email/txt/rss/twitter stream air?

or heroin?


4 responses to “like air. Or heroin.

  1. I don’t like the choices, Jon. I will however, try to participate according to the established rules.
    All of those things you listed are used in various ways by folks. For some, it is unhealthy.
    From where I sit, I see that you are using these to foster genuine relationship. To communicate, not by broadcasting, but by listening as well, by engaging real people in ways that you would not normally be able to.
    In my humble opinion, relationships are what we are born for, it is our purpose and certainly seems to be yours. Purpose for me is much more akin to ‘air’ than ‘heroin’.

  2. It’s like water — cool, clear, and sometimes deep.

  3. ah liz, change it up. maybe stream abuse is, in this case, is in front of the screen.