a message to the couple

Tomorrow night (June 19), I am doing the wedding ceremony for our nephew and his fiance. I just tweeted the question, “what should I tell the couple?” I immediately got some wonderful replies, about honesty, about laughter, about relationship.

So I decided to ask you.

If you could have 2 minutes to talk to a couple getting married these days, what would you say to them? If you had 140 characters, what would they be?

Want to help me write my message to the couple? What should I tell Adam and Becky?


19 responses to “a message to the couple

  1. selflessness means more happiness. spend yourself to make your her happy. it gets better ever year. some things are just not that important. oops that’s over 140.

  2. That the deepest measure of love is choice!
    That vows, will be tested, tattered and frayed, but they will forever hold the priceless value of being theirs that they hold together in a unique way.
    Much as God’s covenant to us is uniquely defined by our love that we engage in return, so their covenant will hold a uniquely defined imprint of one another and the value of holding always the choice to love one another!!
    Enjoy this blessed time of hope!
    Nothing quite like the beauty of the fresh hope of love in the emerging stages of developing.
    After 29 years I am still discovering the many faucets of it’s beauty.

  3. What a good idea to ask…..I will be anxious to read the replies!
    Already what a beautiful reply by Becky.

  4. Mitch Larson

    Don’t take yourself too seriously, but take God very seriously. Never ever utter the “d” word. Keep your sense of humor and go out of your way to be a blessing to one another every day.

  5. Be polite.

  6. happy anniversary wvpv!

  7. becky – i love that image of choosing. thank you.

  8. thanks for affirming Becky, Melissa. I agree.

  9. hi mitch! why does humor show up so often in people’s advice? (I agree)

  10. Kat. how utterly core.

  11. Listen with respect.

  12. becky both what and how. thank you.

  13. Your relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in your life – nothing should come close (Matt 22:36-40 and Luke 14:25-27).

    Love God and obey His commands/guidance on how to treat your spouse (Eph 5:21-33) – The Bible is our practical guide for how to live the best life possible – married or single.

    Another way to remember this is with four C’s – Christ, Commitment, Communication and Compromise.

  14. Who: You
    What: Pray for your spouse
    When: Always
    Where: Anywhere and everywere
    Why: To live a life worthy of the Lord and to please him in every way
    How: Ask God to fill them with knowledge of his will through spiritual wisdom and understanding
    Colossians 1:9-10

    (Suggested as an application of Wed. nite Bible study of Colossians)

  15. I would tell them one of the most powerful words they’ll ever want to understand is: forgiveness. After 27 years (and counting), it’s the most important word we know.

    God bless the happy couple, and a tip o’ the hat to ’em!

  16. Chose to love every day. You don’t get to be angry because they are angry and you don’t get to mad because they are mad. You get to love.

  17. I like reading all of these too…
    hmmm…what does someone getting married these days need to hear? My position, of course, is skewed…because of what I want to hear…

  18. northpointcc

    After 40 years of marriage (May 30), there are several key words.
    I’m sorry! (and mean it)
    I forgive you (and mean it)

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