dumpster time

be toughA couple weeks ago I said to Nancy, “This is going to sound strange from me. I’m thinking about renting a dumpster.”

I am an accumulator. I am a piler. I am an acceptor. I have a ton of stuff “just in case.” In the attic, in the closet, in the garage.

After a decade or more, some of the cases haven’t happened. And the way my life has shifted and my interests have shifted, I’m thinking that they won’t. You know, the cases. Happen, I mean.

So I’m thinking seriously about the dumpster.

I know, the thought of spending $300 to haul away what I could get rid of by putting it out to the curb bit by bit seems extravagant. And I may do it slowly, allowing other people to pick through our trash. Which is how I have ended up with some of my stuff.

But sometimes, the benefit from a major overhaul is worth it. Sometimes you can’t clean out bit by bit.

So if you see a dumpster one day soon, you’ll know why. I want to do it before someone else has to.


A metaphor? A parable? from me?

What do you think?


8 responses to “dumpster time

  1. I think you should go for it. It’s funny…the idea of a dumpster is just so exciting to me…not something I’d think twice about, really…but, oh wait, we have a dumpster…two actually…and I filled one of them the other night! Funny how different we are, isn’t it? And cool.

  2. Last summer Heather moved her parents from a 4-bedr house to a 2-room retirement apartment. Huge deal. As you say, if you don’t do it now, your kids will have to later!

    I am DEFINITELY an accumulator, but last summer radically changed my approach. Now I only try to collect digital photos. They take up less space.

  3. I just purged my garage. I didn’t rent a dumpster, but I did have a wicked huge pile of stuff at the curb for the garbage guys.

    Cathartic. I say go for it.

  4. Sally Lepley

    Dear Fellow Packrat…I’m sure somewhere someone has developed a 12-step approach to cure savers like us. I started on the same quest to de-junk my life several years ago. It can be downright painful at times but it is sooooooo freeing when we begin to pull ourselves away from our self-accumulated clutter. I have back-slidden a bit this last year or so ( well, I have to be honest — it has been several years now) and my hubby is suggesting the dumpster approach. 🙂 Maybe we could rent one together. I’m sure our spouses would be all for it!

  5. amen

  6. Jill – Different, yes. good, yes. But understanding, yes.

    Paul – I’m trying to avoid Hope and Andrew doing it. But as I discovered last week, even digital photos take up space. Just a different kind.

    Amber – I’m picturing the pile I’d create from our garage. It would be huge. But I agree with the catharsis part.

    Sally – I actually thought about having people go together to rent one. I wonder how many shares one could sell? hmmm.

    And I won’t tell him about this post if you don’t.

  7. I’ll come help you, if you want…it would sorta be like my own personal Christmas 🙂 We’re taking the whole month of July to move Matt…he’s got a whole lotta stuff to get rid of!

  8. Joseph Crockett

    Chances are that if you have enough stuff for 1 or 2 dumpsters then you have enough for a really good garage sale…