a long weekend

I’m taking one.

Why am I telling you?

Because the way my brain works, I am always writing, always thinking of what to say. Unless I excuse myself from the room for awhile.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ll be back next week with a story that runs from one old friend to Extreme Makeover. I’ll talk about what the pastors in the back row were doing. I’ll talk about the girls at the other table. I may think out loud about the struggle we have with deciding how to respond.

But that will be then. For now, a break.

Have a good weekend yourself.

Remember someone.



One response to “a long weekend

  1. Hey Jon – have a great break. Enjoy time with your family and let God breathe different life into your soul that being online can’t provide.

    And others who read this comment – take a break too! Let God use the space to breathe new life into you.