dutch angles

liz strauss and nancy swanson and a mugwhy do i take the pictures i do?

i can’t take pictures ‘right’. i seldom have a great camera. i’m usually using my phone. it has poor color. it has strange focus. so i use black and white and i set it down. as a result, i end up with peculiar angles on my shots. there are lots of coffee cups, lots of hands, lots of textures and odd angles.

they are called ‘dutch angles’ for reasons that i don’t know. at least that’s what those shots are called in video, the shot from the odd perspective.

i take them that way because of limitations, but they have become a style that others recognize.

i look at lots of things that way, from odd angles. but so do you.

i just know that it’s a strength (at least some times). and maybe you don’t know that your perspective, shaped however it is, is a strength.

but it is.


6 responses to “dutch angles

  1. I’m convinced your pictures reveal more than the pictures taken straight on. They force us to look.

  2. That’s why we connect – I also see things from different angles.

    And just a reminder, Jon, when we look at stats – the unusual view is not the most popular. But that doesn’t make it less valuable than the popular view.

  3. Sally Lepley

    I personally refer to your photos as “Jon shots” and it is a “style” that intrigues me. It makes me experiment w/my own photos. Except now I know your secret: poor camera, poor color, poor focus, and a mind like yours. Hmmmm, I have 3 of the 4 items on the list 🙂 Your pixs do inspire me. Keep taking them, at any angle you wish!

  4. you get it exactly. Except you forgot the “poor” adjective at the end.

    and your photos work great.

  5. I’m going to agree with Sally. It’s definitely your style. Hmm, that gives me an idea for a small homage to you… 🙂

  6. I am Dutch and I always appreciate your angles, Jon.