maybe wait til it is over

I was in a meeting on Monday night. We were having a discussion. As it finished, the chair moved to the next item. The secretary said, “we need to approve the secretary’s report from the last meeting.”

We laughed and asked and he affirmed that he had already put the approval in the minutes for this meeting and so we needed to do what he had already reported we had done.

I thought about that exchange last night as I sat in a guitar recital at one of the local universities. Ten musicians performing in individually, in small groups, and all together. Classical guitar. Acoustic guitar. Only two pieces wrtten by living composers.

The audience was interesting. There were grandmothers and friends. Given that the friends played in indy rock bands with some of the performers, the ratio of earrings to people was greater on the younger end of the audience demographic.

As soon as I walked in, I started writing a post about the audience.

And then I stopped.

I realized that if I spent the whole concert writing about audiences and stereotypes and speculation about what happened inside people’s heads, I would miss the concert. These students weren’t here to provide background music to my writing. They were live, present. They were inviting me to be live, present.

So I put my pen away (for most of the recital) and listened. And watched. And stopped.

Maybe waiting is important. Maybe I shouldn’t write the post about the recital or the conversation or the person or the product…or the season of life…until I know more, until I’m through it further, until…

Until I know something.

4 responses to “maybe wait til it is over

  1. One of my favorite Anais Nin quotes is “We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection.”

    But we also write to avoid tasting life fully. We use writing as a shield between ourselves and real, present, firsthand experience, as you’ve noted here.

    In waiting to write, we avoid cheating ourselves of that double taste. Good thoughts, as always.

  2. I had that very thought this morning. An idea for a post came to me, and instead of sitting to type it out, I realized I needed to hear more stories. I needed to listen to more experiences rather than simply sharing my own. I’ll be asking some questions at SobCon next week and will post my thoughts upon my return. Your post was just the confirmation I needed!

  3. I am so glad your “now” is working(Matthew6:34). 🙂

  4. Basing this comment on your first sentence alone, you raise a worthy point: Live-tweeting, etc of government meetings is well and dandy but is not official until the agenda and discussion is approved, which can be two weeks to a month later. So, if you write that “he said this,” he didn’t REALLY say anything until the minutes are approved.

    Something to think about.