8 ways to write this particular afternoon.

1. Sometimes it is okay to not write.

2. Sometimes it is okay to leave yourself out. (Just tell the story, not how you got there and why it matters so much to you.)

3. Sometimes you need to feel more before you write more. (Just put the draft away. Maybe readers need the mulled version rather than the immediate reaction.)

4. Sometimes it is okay to live parts of life unreported.

5. Brevity, though not obligatory, helps.

6. Sometimes it is easier to write the next post than the current post. (So start both and finish the second one.)

7. Sometimes your heart needs space to catch up with your life. Pay attention.

8. Sometimes you just need to start the tea. (That activity can jar your thinking)

11 responses to “8 ways to write this particular afternoon.

  1. Tea sounds good, but you forgot the one that involves quieting the children so you brain can unwind and let all the junk out.

  2. in our house they are 18 and 22. So they can be quiet. But having seen the
    junk that comes out in the quiet….

  3. I so like the “tea” idea – it’s good to get up for a few minutes sometimes.

    I sometimes walk to the nearby post office. The exercise jogs my mind a bit.

  4. northpointcc

    Going for a run tends to clear the cob webs for me. I sometimes wish I had a tape recorder when I am running. I have great thoughts but then return home and they are gone.

  5. Paul
    The walking makes sense, though I, like Tom below, often forget what i

    Except maybe the forgetting is the point. There is a clearing, forgetting
    thing that is helpful.

    write on your hand. It’s the original palm. Of course, then you have to not
    wash your hands. You would think I knew this the hard way.

  6. Interesting where this comment stream is going: I bet almost every writer has a well developed list of things to do to avoid – I mean, prepare for – the task of writing.

  7. Think I’ll just have a cup of sleepytime tea…

  8. i like your canada coffee mug

  9. For a person that really wants to write more, the hard part is just starting sometimes. Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. And sometimes you just need to sit down and start typing. Without really thinking about it.

    And that is a REALLY nice mug! 🙂

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