Easter costs less at Wal-mart

That was the tagline at the end of a TV commercial I saw recently. I started laughing. Nancy stared at me. I often start laughing. randomly. For no particular reason. She just looks at me.

This time I explained.

“Jesus would have liked that,” I said.”An Easter that cost less.”


When Jesus went Easter shopping, he didn’t have much. No home, no place to decorate.

And while his disciples were all focused on the sales, he kept looking at the sales clerks–minimum wage, worrying about the bills, needing hope.

While the Marys were pricing jelly bird eggs and Cadbury caramel eggs, he kept thinking about the little kids with baskets searching everywhere for the eggs they hoped would be delightful, but would be gone quickly.

While Martha was figuring out how much beef roast to fix because for some reason there wasn’t any ham available anywhere, Jesus was thinking about scapegoats and sacrifice lambs.

Peter’s mother-in-law, being somewhat old school, was looking for an Easter bonnet. Jesus stopped for a moment in the garden center, looking at the roses, thinking about the thorns.

James and John started talking about going fishing Sunday afternoon. Jesus let them talk, knowing that that they would be fishing soon, but not this Sunday.

Judas was at the service desk, finding out if they could use the non-profit tax exempt certificate for everything they were buying. Jesus was looking at his hands, knowing that everything would be covered, soon, but with no discount.

They all gathered by the shopping carts where the greeter checked their receipts.

“Wow! You saved a lot for Easter,” he commented.

“I know,” Jesus replied.

The greeter looked up. “But you don’t have any bags.”

“I know,” Jesus said.

“Aren’t you going to do any more shopping?” he asked.

Jesus smiled. “It’s finished,” he said.


19 responses to “Easter costs less at Wal-mart

  1. Wow! Talk about an egg hunt! How about taking this Easter post global?

    I really enjoyed it without ever losing site of the truth underlying nearby. the entire time.

    You forgot to mention the fact that even at minimum wage they would be making less when cashing their pay checks. Since the currency conversion rate is not in their favor.

    Nice Job & God BLess!

  2. Alicia Arenas

    Found you from an @chrisbrogan Tweet. LOVE it! Great reminder of what the real meaning of this Sunday really is. We have hope, we have life because he is risen!

  3. Miraculously contemporary. Extremely well done.

  4. Everyone saved at Wallmart….except Christ….His price?? His life!

    This was wonderful. Thank you, and
    Thank you, Lord.

  5. Thank you. Keep laughing and believing.

    (Found via @Ed & @ChrisBrogan)

  6. Hmm. I don’t know where I stand when it comes to religon – or organized religon, to be more precise – but having grown up in a house that went to church every Sunday, I know that you could not be more right on.
    Thanks for the post and I hope it reaches the many who need to hear it.

  7. Our Father who is in Heaven, thank you for the little reminder that You have everything under Your control. Great little article!! IN

  8. Nice. And I’m sitting here thinking about how big your Church really is.

  9. Classic Jon. I appreciate the way you help us use our minds to bring the image in focus…no auto focus in your writing lens!

  10. Sally Lepley

    Thanks for a fresh perspective!

  11. I enjoyed this — here for the first time from a @conniereece tweet.

  12. Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!

  13. ah dear friends and people I know not. Thank you for stopping by and leaving
    encouraging words.

  14. It cost *everything* and that’s why it’s precious.

  15. Quite an Easter gift we all received, though we didn’t deserve it.

    Fun, yet powerful, reminder.

    Thanks Jon!

  16. Susan Sheppard

    Amen! Excellent!!

  17. Andrew Lawrence

    This is why Jon is cool. Thanks God (not Jon–I know you appreciate that) for a new fresh take. And I’m pretty sure I would’ve started laughing at that commercial, too. Perspective is a funny thing, isn’t it?