why don’t we talk about it?

Two weeks ago, Andrew and I wrote a post as part of a contest. (I talked about it here. The post itself is here. )

The prize for the most unique hits is a $1000 gift card.

You think that would be great motivation to generate as much traffic as possible to the site. Unfortunately, we haven’t worked very hard.


Because we weren’t happy with what we did.

Part of the problem is that it feels like a post written for a contest. Part of the problem is that it feels out of context. It would have made sense at levite, as a thought piece. On a recruiting blog, however, it just feels odd.

It was a good try. I think the underlying argument is sound: that we can’t depend on our current model of social media to reach 18-22 year olds. But it’s hard to ask people to take time to link to something that benefits you when you don’t think it’s your best work. It’s hard to trade on relationship when you aren’t offering significant value.

Lesson learned.

And I’m guessing that this lesson explains why many people don’t talk about other things as well.

(Thanks to those of you who did visit our post.)


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