Where would you like the sofa

…or the couch or the davenport.

I’m not sure what you would like me to call it.

Although I’m not sure that the sofa actually is yours. A third of the house is, or will be yours. But I don’t know if that includes the furniture.

You know, I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t, since our house payment just includes our house. The furniture is paid for. But most of the living room is yours.

And actually, it really isn’t a third of the house. I’d like to believe that it’s about one-sixth of the house. About 300 square feet. It depends on the value of the house, of course.

I’d like to believe that we have the house about half paid for. I’d like to believe that the third of our mortgage that you will soon own, you being a citizen of the United States, represents about one-sixth of the value of the house. After 12 years in this house, after 20 years of owning houses, we’ve tried to be financially responsible. And the value has gone up a little since we’ve lived here.

But who knows.

I did finish new closet doors this summer, so that will make the living room look a little better. The old ones are still behind the sofa, but I’ll get them out of there soon. There are new African violets by the window. Hope made one of the round tables, Andrew made the other.  The square table goes way back. The two rocking chairs are because we like rocking chairs. We’re thinking about replacing the carpet, but maybe you’ll want to take care of that.

I could offer you another room, of course. The kitchen and dining room are really one room. It’s a friendly room. Nancy is a great cook. Some weeks the four of us are at the table three or four times for supper. We can extend the table.  It’s really old, having survived a couple depressions.

The rocking chair was my grandfather’s. He sat in it while watching Walter Cronkite tell everyone how it was. The hutch is really old too, not some fancy hutch but a basic durable shelf and cabinet.

I’d offer you the office, down half a flight of stairs, where I’m sitting right now, but it already belongs to lots of people. At least 10 times a week, while I sit here, you get glimpses of my heart. But I’d rather not feel that I was in your space while doing that work.

The family room is pretty comfortable though. We’d love to have you sit with us, watching the fire sometimes. A couple of us (not Andrew or me) might even play the piano.

Can we keep the bedrooms upstairs to ourselves? We actually are pretty private about some things.

We’re pretty hospitable. We’ll fix coffee anytime you come by. Or tea if you like. In fact, I’m going to make some now.

Just give us a call before you come, if you would. I mean, I know it’s yours, but a few minutes would let us get ready for you.


4 responses to “Where would you like the sofa

  1. Why do I think this is as close as I’ll ever hear of a rant from Jon on the state of the economy–or have I totally missed the point?

  2. For what it’s worth, we are not in need of any more space. We will however accept the hospitality and until we can visit you there, I think we’ll keep coming here, with coffee in hand.

  3. I’ll echo Rob on this and visit here until that time I have the chance to visit again in person. Another insightful post Jon.

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