i can not do that

I laid on my side on the floor painting. Ballet slippers. Fourteen inch ballet slippers.

I had mixed the paint. I had drawn the slippers. Free hand. Just looking at a small piece of clip art.

I don’t draw.

I don’t paint.

I don’t mix shades.

I’m not an artist.

What I am doing is working on the stained glass that goes above the entry door to the school of the performing arts as part of the stage set for Fame. Opening night is in two weeks. It’s Hope’s last high school show. It’s our eight and last series of set nights. (It’s our thing.)

Hope and I will have our part done.

Even though we don’t do this.

Even though I’m not an artist.

As I laid on the floor painting ballet slippers, I wondered what else I don’t do that I could for love.

I’m curious. What are your ballet slippers?


3 responses to “i can not do that

  1. i clean things that by all account don’t need to be cleaned. rather by all but my wife’s account.

  2. I was struck recently when I read someone’s statement about hating to dust, but doing it because she loves her husband. I can fill in that blank with lots of things–but, sometimes the blank stays empty, especially when it comes to house stuff….so thanks for the gentle, probably unintended prod. I could start by rising from this chair to fill in the blank…

  3. I was just thinking tonight of two very different and torturous things I did for people I love. And I started to list them here, but it sounds oddly close to, “My troubles are bigger than yours!” And that’s not the point. The point is, we’re more capable and tougher than we think, and we all need the help of others, sometimes.