100 percent savings and a free ebook

I had a coupon for 40% for Borders this weekend. The book I wanted wasn’t in our local store. (I need to read Outliers: The Story of Success for my deliberate practice, um, practice).

I thought about just buying some book because the coupon was so great. But saving 40% on a book that I don’t exactly need, just because the coupon is great isn’t much of a savings.

So I renewed my hold at the library and realized that I had saved 100%.

And then I realized that I had saved 100% of the time that I would have spent either reading that other book or worrying about having one more book on my pile of books to read.

And then I realized that I had saved 100% of the focus that I would have diverted from the projects that I need to focus on.

And then I realized that I had saved 100% of the energy we would have spent going to the store.

And then I realized that I had saved 100% of the emotional struggle that would have happened from spending 60% more on a book than we had planned to spend yesterday.

And so that 40% off coupon saved me 500% of resources that are limited.

That, my friends, is an amazing coupon.


Now for an offer that may be a savings to you and may not be.

Here’s the back story. Kathy Drewien sent me a tweet the other day:

kdrewien @jnswanson Do you have posts on church communication? I just agreed to head team of new committee to enhance communication at church.

It was a great question. My first reaction was to say “no”, because I haven’t written or tagged any posts with “church communication.” But then I search my blog for “church” and realized that I have, completely inadvertently, written a number of posts that could be useful for church committees to use if they don’t want to sound churchy.

I spent a little time on the project and now have a new ebook: Unchurchy: reflections on communication and church.

It’s a collection of seven essays (posts) on communication, including “The Next Sentence” and one of my Emilio posts.

Here’s what I would love:

  • Download it if you or someone you know needs a way to help churches think about communicating differently.
  • Download it if you feel like helping me with layout and design.
  • Download it if you feel like adding one more book to your reading pile.
  • Don’t download it if it will add to your list of things that you want to get to but never will.

I’d love to save you 100%, but I’d love your feedback, too.

Make sense? The link for my new ebook again? Unchurchy: reflections on communication and church.


5 responses to “100 percent savings and a free ebook

  1. Thank you for your generous answer to my question. My group meets tomorrow for the first time. I will use one of your essays for our opening devotion.

  2. This post made me want to write just to say thank you. I’m a librarian at a public library in Virginia and your description of using your library card to save resources made me smile. I’ve been reading your posts for a few months now and really enjoy them. You are always thoughtful. Keep up the good work!

  3. Mike Van Huisen

    Thanks Jon. I have often told my kids to think about how good they will feel when they still have the money they wanted to spend on some trivial purchase. But then I myself feel chagrined when I didn’t get to “take advantage of” an especially good deal by the expiration date. I have to actually convince myself that I saved money–not sure why that’s hard! Ah, the power of marketing. I will love to remember this concept of the good stewardship of saving 500% in resources too valuable to lose by giving in to a “deal” I didn’t really need.

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