Weekend reader

I am exceedingly grateful for your regular visits here. Your comments on and off line are encouraging and humbling.

Because I write elsewhere, thanks to the graciousness of some friends, I thought I’d send you to their sites for some posts this week. And I thought you might be interested in the writing of my family, too. (Hope doesn’t write online outside facebook. However, she and I are creating stained glass windows for a production of Fame).

Have a great weekend.

1. Paul Merrill interviewed me about blogging this week. Paul lives in Colorado, but was living in Nairobi when I met him. Of course, I’ve never seen him, but we have emailed and talked (once) and prayed for each other. His questions were very helpful for me.

Interview: Jon Swanson

2. Andrew covered a couple high school hockey games this week for our evening paper. It’s his first hockey writing, but clearly not his first writing.

Snider, Carrol to meet in City Hockey Finals

3. I wrote about Valentine’s Day at gnmparents.com this week. I was talking about the value of gifts that are inappropriate according to Hallmark, but perfect for the giver. When Hope read the post a couple days later, she told me the name of the cactus. Not the genus, but her name for it.

A pointed Valentine

4. Nancy wrote about finishing a quilt this week. The quilt is great. So is the writing.


5. I wrote at smallbizsurvival about at coffeeshop experience I had recently. It was an interesting glimpse of customer service for me.

“I wanted to give him my card.”

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  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to interview you, Jon.

    It was really interesting to me – and helpful for both sets of our readers!