remembering three words 8 ways

Some of us created lists of three words at the beginning of the year. But how do you remember them? Because it’s Tuesday and February, I figured we could all use a reminder about reminding ourselves.  (See Chris Brogan’s post on three words for 2009 for background.)

1. Create a wordle ( of the three words and other words that matter to you. If you type the three words multiple times, they show up bigger. If I were good, I’d provide a wordle tutorial, but I’m not that good. (Besides, there is this issue of focus that I’m working on).

2. Let other people know your three words. They can help you find material or ideas or accountability. For example, I have a guy in Texas feeding me ideas and asking how I’m doing. (Thanks, Tim).

3. Explore your three words regularly. I’m doing it here at the Levite Chronicles. In fact, if you look back through my posts this year, you will find regular links to focus and to deliberate practice. Singing is my own problem and I’m not writing about it.

4.  Find opportunities to talk about your words in other settings. For example, I had the opportunity to do some training. I had my choice of topic. Of course I picked deliberate practice. The more we become our own experts on our own words, the more likely we are to do what we wanted to do.

5. Be willing to change your words. So your three words for the year become your three words for six weeks and then two of them change. Big deal. You are adjusting.

6. Write summaries of your progress. Whether in your blog or in a journal or using a Sharpie on your bathroom mirror, let yourself know that you are working on this list. You’ll be more likely to trust yourself in the future if you are holding yourself accountable to yourself for encouragement as well as criticism.

7. Lighten up.

8. On your calendar for April 22, write “three words review.” That way, after Easter, after spring break, around the equinox, you’ll have a reminder to think through what you are doing.

So, do you remember your three words?


10 responses to “remembering three words 8 ways

  1. Very timely, very practical–thanks, Jon.

  2. You’re welcome, Jon. 🙂

  3. thanks amy. Timely is nice.

  4. If it weren’t for you, Tim…

  5. Nice! I wrote my three words on my white board. Which I don’t use for anything else anyway, so it works. Now I’ll write them here.
    Connect. Difference. Postive.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. This is a charming little post Jon. My favourite is #7. To my shame, I had to look on my corkboard to remember what my three words were. You know how if something stays in the same spot for a long time, you don’t even see it anymore? So I moved it. This was a welcome reminder. Thanks!

  7. Mine are Sing, Grow, Understand. Tweeted them. I’m now hooked on Wordle.

  8. Jean – I’m always glad to give people new ways to spend time.

  9. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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