the perfect calendar

I bought a new calendar this week. I decided to wait until they were cheap. It meant missing a month, but nothing much happens in January anyway.

When I looked at the label of my new calendar, which cost $2, I started laughing. My new calendar is “elephant free.”

I’m sure that “elephant free” means that any meetings I schedule will be free of the uncomfortable issues that often sit in the middle of the conference table. I’m sure that means that in all of my conversations there won’t be any points at which I am unwilling to apologize, unwilling to acknowledge that I’ve fallen short. I’m sure that means that I will show up on time, so that no one has to ask where I’ve been. I’m sure that means that I will remember birthdays and anniversaries so that I won’t realize two days later, “Oh no!”

It seems, however, that because I got it so cheap, it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

Apparently I have to do something to make the elephants go away.


3 responses to “the perfect calendar

  1. uh jon

    it’s elphant (only 1 e)

    good ‘poetry’ tho

  2. The “elephant in the room” is something Heather & I have been struggling with not relating to each other – but others.

    It’s hard to sift through what is being judgmental on our parts and what is sharing the trust in love.


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