thoughtful looking back

I know it’s Monday morning, time to plunge into a new week, new lists, new adventures.

And there is no time, I know, to stop and think.

But what if you took 10 minutes and looked back at last week, at the highs and lows and chaos and peace and adventures and quagmires?

What if you looked at all of what you”ve been trying to forget…or trying to remember?

What if you took ten minutes and answered this question:

What one thing can I do today that will continue the best of how I worked last week and will avoid the worst of how I worked?

Write it down.

Let me know tomorrow how that worked.


2 responses to “thoughtful looking back

  1. I took care of some really silly little things that were weighing down my to-do list far more than they should have, considering their relative size. (A couple of them were editing favors for friends.) I was amazed by how little time they took to tackle, and by how great they made me feel. Why must I learn this lesson over and over again? (Or, maybe I should say, why can’t I seem to learn this lesson?)

  2. did talking about it help? Did you identify the principle (look for small
    time, hi emotion items and complete them)?

    thanks for a perfect example.