my fault

Every time we stay in a hotel, I hope that the in room coffee tastes great. Every time I’m disappointed.

This morning I realized that I could bring coffee with me. When traveling by car I could even bring water with me. I could bring my own real mug.

All it would take is remembering that I could make a change and not just blame the hotel.

I wonder it there’s a lesson here.


7 responses to “my fault

  1. Or simply make sure you stay at a hotel that is in close proximity to a Starbucks.

  2. A small thing that I try to do to make a difference is to bring my own mug anywhere that I know I’ll be drinking coffee, rather than using the disposables. That way, I’m…
    1. saving the place the cost of a disposable cup and 2. saving a bit of space in a landfill, plus the micro amount of energy to transport my disposable cup to the place and later to landfill.

    Micros add up to macro.

  3. Thanks, Jon – more stuff to pack in my suitcase. I had resigned to simply not drink in-room coffee. However, I do not want to be like two men I was in a conference with a few years ago who brought their own self-roasted beans, coffee grinder, french press, mugs and water.

  4. I’ve done that twice in the last year, in hotels with Starbucks inside the
    building. But there is still something about having to get all cleaned up
    before going to get your first cup of coffee, a journey usually enabled by
    that first cup of coffee.

  5. to say nothing, Paul M., of the improved taste. Just had a thought. Is
    everyone in Colorado named Paul or just you two?

  6. ah friend Tom, I have no desire to lay a burden on you.

  7. An overnight trip can be solved with a trip to Starbucks. A longer trip requires my own coffee, grinder, and coffee maker. I wish it didn’t, but my budget doesn’t allow for a whole week of starbucks and I can’t quite deal with a whole week of hotel room coffee.

    Of course the best trips are when my even more insane coffee friends are in the same hotel and I can bum coffee off of them. Good times.