everyone has a convention

We’re in Indianapolis for a convention of music teachers. Our daughter is singing with two choirs.

One of the other conventions here is the “Monument Builders of North America.”

Just a question for a Friday morning after a too fast week:

Aren’t you a monument builder, too?

What lasting monument are you working on?


4 responses to “everyone has a convention

  1. I think about this a lot, Jon. The desire to leave a legacy is why I spend a lot of time trying to raise my kids right, and a lot of time working on ideas that I want to make into books. (Books, too, are impermanent, but they beat scribbling in the sand.)

  2. Indianapolis seems to be the city of conventions! My husband and I attended a movie convention there last summer, and plan to go back again at the end of March because we had so much fun.

    Thing about conventions, it doesn’t matter whether it’s music teachers, monument builders, or movie aficionados, it’s all about communities of people coming together to share ideas.

    Perhaps we are all building monuments with each other while we are strengthening our various communities.

  3. I’m *not* working on a monument to the National Starch & Chemical Companies!

  4. I think the most impact you can make is on others. Being an unsung hero is sometimes the best hero you can be.