While you thaw out, help me think.

Time to clear some stuff out of my “Did I ever tell you” folder in my brain:

1. I’m doing a daily 300 word post about following Jesus at 300wordsaday.com. As of today, it’s also available at 300wordsaday.mobi.  (Just trying to stretch a bit. Let me know  you think about the mobile version).

2. I talked about deliberate practice a couple weeks ago. I’ll keep coming back to it. (In fact, I’m doing a presentation about it to non-profit executive directors next week).

I realized today that one of the key things for creative brains to work on  is actually following particular ideas through to completion. I mean, some of us generate ideas constantly. We let other people do them. But what if we picked one a day and followed up, figuring out how to do that one idea?

3. I had some great comments this week on my first real book review post. Makes me think that in the future, I’ll not worry so much about how I got the book and worry more about how to let you know what I thought.

4. I wrote over at smallbizsurvival this week about what not to do as a business when there are always problems with your work. (“There is always something”). Probably applies to individuals as well.

5. David Meerman Scott has a link to an incredibly funny and thought-provoking calendar for 2009. It forces us to think about audience.

6. Speaking of audience, I’m thinking very hard about an idea I found in Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR: buyer personas. I know that I’m not about buyers in the sense of products. However, I realized this week that building our church’s website around information that  particular people are looking for might be a good idea. For example, we will have parents of about 200 kids wondering about game schedules for basketball for the next 8 weeks. What if we made it easy to find that information? I mean, really easy?

Have a great weekend. I hope the weather warms where you are, that the power comes back on if it’s off, that you have to to read, write, think, not think, rest, work, and play some time.


2 responses to “While you thaw out, help me think.

  1. morequestions

    Love the .mobi version on the iphone.

  2. Re #2 — That’s the silver bullet, right there. Pick up the ball and run with it until you’ve scored, period.

    Spoken as one sufferer of too-many-ideas to another.