8 ways to make Thursday better.

1. Put down the mouse. Pick up the keyboard.

2. You don’t get replies if you don’t ask or say something.

3. Gratitude takes actually noticing someone else.

4. Out of all the possible things to do, you have to actually pick one and do it.

5. Humans can get used to lots of things. That isn’t exactly positive.

6. Cynics have feelings, too.

7. The chorus isn’t the lead, but all of them are on stage.

8. Okay. Can we try that again? I think I see what I can do to help you this time.


5 responses to “8 ways to make Thursday better.

  1. These are all very good and I especially need to remember #1 and #4. #5 is sort of scary!
    thought provoking list! jeanie

  2. thanks, Jeanie. Five scares me, too. (Though not as much as #4.I mean, what
    if I pick the wrong one?)

  3. Just ask Arthur Dent about #4 (and #5 too)

  4. Excellent reminder and is good for fridays too !

  5. #4 is good for a busy Monday