the delightful routine

Sunday morning at church, everyone looked dazed. I realized that everyone spent the previous two weeks in schedule turmoil.

Many people had been without power for some of the weekend before Christmas. Christmas and New Year’s were on Thursdays which meant that the Wednesdays and Fridays of both weeks were pretty unproductive. There were celebrations and frustrations and over-consumptions of various things and kids home in households that have kids and…

…and it was two weeks of no routine.

When we are in the middle of work and school and running, we think we’d like a break. And some of us can handle no routine. Most of us, however, need some structure. We need some point. We need some schedule. We need some boundaries.

Rather that real plastic snow, we need real snow.

It’s cold, but it works.


5 responses to “the delightful routine

  1. This is not a comment on your post–but I just noticed the subtitle of 300 Words a Day (which I somehow missed before)and I love it (and you are doing a good job of it).

  2. I guess I’m an oddity but love the lack of routine. I love doing something different every day and not knowing what that something would be. I find routine to be tiring.

  3. I do crave routine, even though I tend to look down on myself for that impulse. It seems less exciting and fun to be a routine-lover, I guess.

    Even my kids are keyed into this. Since they were babies, I’ve known that they thrive on routine, but what I didn’t realize is how self-aware they are of their own needs. In church on Sunday, someone asked my 10-year-old if she was ready to go back to school. She said she was, so the person asked if she got bored being away from school for so long. She looked confused, because she’s never bored, and said “No, it’s not that I’m bored. I just really miss having a routine.”

  4. plastic snow…is that stuff real?

  5. on sale at Macy’s. For real.