Nancy and I try to walk every day. During the winter we walk at the mall. When we go walking before the stores open, we can safely put our coats on the many benches in the common area. When we go in evening, before the stores close, we put our coats in lockers.

Have you looked at lockers in a mall? Have you looked at the handle, at the instructions, at the need to list both the amount of money AND the denomination of coins necessary? Have you noticed that there are parameters on the front of the locker and instructions inside?

Have you noticed?

One of my three words for the year is focus. And even as I write that I think, “focus is one of three words?”

I need more than one word. But one of them, particularly this year, has to be focus. I need to identify what matters and then look closely. I need to pick that one function that I’m going to help people understand, that I’m going to understand myself, and then focus on it.

In order to protect your belongings you need a locker. In order to use the locker you need to know the cost and the procedure. In order for this to work, someone needed to focus on it and make it so simple that people in malls and bus stations and airports could somehow use these boxes.

I want to have that kind of focus so that others can have that kind of access.

And I’m curious. What’s your focus? What do you want to make clear to others?


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  1. Hello Jon – One of mine, though it’s not new since I’m a writer and this is critical to writers, is to notice – critically notice. Not quite the same thing as focusing, but closely related.

  2. yes it is related and yet noticing can be deadly to focusing (and the other
    way around). If I notice everything, I may get completely distracted. If I
    notice everything about my focus, I’m in good shape. If I get so focused I
    don’t notice anything, I’m out of touch.

    thanks for helping me….focus.

  3. One of the things I’m here to help other people see is the invisible people, the disadvantaged child failing school because his parents don’t care or don’t know how to care, the disabled woman who rarely leaves her house because of accessibility issues …

  4. I am new to you blog via Chris Brogan. I am smitten. You have a unique point of view and your focus post captures it.

    Kindness is one of my words for this year. My own chatter in my head still needs work, but especially towards my thoughts about myself. I have healed the part that can think and emit good at thoughts about others. AS I crack the case on that, I’ll be making it accessible to others to do the same.

    Thanks for asking.

  5. Ahh- 3 words! I very much need to focus- my thoughts and projects and interests are too many, too scattered. And, it is true, I would like to critically notice. Life is much richer when I notice God in the details. My final word for this year will be “present”. When I am totally present- when my spirit touches people, places and things- that is when I am dancing with the Holy Spirit!

  6. anna – helping people see the invisible people. That’s a great and clear

  7. Laura – welcome.

    I like the idea of kindness to yourself. My friend Joanna Young helps me see
    the importance of that.

  8. hi sue.

    I love the idea that present is four words: it means being here. It means
    being now. It means giving something. And it is the gift itself. To have
    that be your word is a wonderful thing.

  9. My word this year is “courage”. There are Big opportunities to seize, Big challenges to meet, Big obstacles to overcome, Big family life changing events that we will have to get through…….

  10. i was going to say, “be strong and be courageous”…and then i found that
    you already know that story.

    Thanks, Melissa.

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