I finished the closet doors.

I just wanted to let you know that a project that I started several years ago is now done.

I talked about it a couple days ago in a post called “leave it in 2008.” I had to run to get the screws today, but I made sure I got it done.


Because I talked to you about it. Because we can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. Because it needed to get done.

There are lots of projects that won’t get done by midnight tonight. Many things that we’ve been trying to get finished for days or weeks or years won’t get done. And for some of us, we may walk into the New Year thinking, “Great. I’m already behind.”

Who cares.

I mean, if it needs to get done, get it done, regardless of the date. If it needs to get started, start whenever you can. If it needs to be usable, make it useable. If it needs to be perfect, make it perfect.

Use the date as a help if it helps, but if it means that you are getting frustrated or defeated, that’s silly. In fact, try reverse resolutions. Amy says to list the things you got done this year, label the list “2008 resolutions” and cross everything off.

Which I will do shortly.

Starting with “put up closet doors.”

See you in 2009.


One response to “accountable

  1. congratulations. better late then never.