so, what if you did try that?

I was thinking in the shower the other day about setting some goals and how I avoid setting goals and instead do things like choosing words for the new year, themes to work on, if you will, and suddenly, as I thought about goals I thought, “I’m not that kind of person. ”

And then I thought, “so. What if you did try that?”

  • What if, though I’m not as structured as some people, I did try a little more structure?
  • What if, though I’m not as organized as other people, I didn’t use that as an excuse and I tried a little more organization?
  • What if, though I don’t set goals like, “25 pounds off in the next 6 months” or “no desserts ever”, I did make a point of one less cookie?
  • What if, though I don’t say things like “I will read a book a week this year”, I did make a point to read and summarize a book a month?
  • What if, though I can’t imagine not multi-tasking, I tried doing one thing at a time for one morning at a time?
  • What if, though I never tag the pictures I upload, I did?
  • What if, though I never reread a post, I took the time to do so?
  • What if, though I’m always flexible, I set some dates in stone?
  • What if, though I always keep my options open, I didn’t?
  • What if, though I never _______, I decided to occasionally ________?

Obviously, my list all skews toward me. But that gives you the option to think about you. What if, instead of using “I’m not that kind of person” as an excuse, you used it as a starting point?


I’m taking a step toward “a little more intentional” as this year ends and we move into the next.

I’ll tell you more about what I read as I read.


Hear that ringing sound? It’s my virtual Red Kettle.  There is still time To give to the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign online. If you want to.


8 responses to “so, what if you did try that?

  1. A good reflection. A good challenge.
    Blessings as you journey this 2009

  2. Thank you for your advent reader thoughts and insights, my wife and I gifted each other by reading the daily seasonal devotionals together.What if we do it again next year? 🙂

  3. I appreciate that you are flexible enough to experiment with order. While I will be interested to hear what you have to say on those subjects. I’ll be most interested in the perspective of trying to open up to “being” a little different.

  4. Melissa – thanks.And you yourself this year.

  5. rbee-
    I was thinking about next year’s advent the other day.. Check back in
    November. (Okay, you can keep reading between now and then as well).
    And I’m glad I could be part of your family for the month.

  6. ah, dear Rob. I am always a little different. (odd is what usually is said).
    But…what if I even accepted odd?

    I’ll keep you posted.

  7. I’m feeling a little spooked as to how closely your thought processes match my own in this regard!

    I think some of my ‘but I’m not like that’ are excuses. I’m also going to experiment with different ways to make happen the things I want to make happen, to make more of the difference I want to make… to the way I am, and feel, as well as to others.

  8. Joanna – so we’ll check in on each other this year.