simply the best simple post

Joanna Young asked for the near impossible. She asked people to identify their best post of 2008 and in 30 words tell why it is the best.

This is a huge task for me.

I have written a lot this year. You have written a lot back. Together we have written about 500 pages of posts and comments and links. I tried yesterday to tease out some answers, but that isn’t fair to you or to me.

So I’ll just decide.

In 2007, I started a series of 8 ways posts. They are a quick way to talk about sometimes difficult things. On June 18, 2008, I wrote one about friends: 8 ways to encourage a friend.

It got some traction from other blogs and has has some traffic through searches. But I’m not picking it just because of traffic. That becomes too easy.

This post is simply the best because it reminds busy people about the people behind the words and walls and bright shiny objects.

Here are three items from the list. Follow this link for the rest.

6. Forgive them (don’t tell them about it, just forgive them).

7. Reply to their emails, even if just to acknowledge receipt.

8. Never assume they know you care.

Oh. And don’t wait for the new year to start doing any of these things. Today would work.


2 responses to “simply the best simple post

  1. Perfect.

    Thank you, friend.

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